The Busy Before the Storm

There is that time of the year when we go from being a duck lodge to a wedding venue – but we all look at it differently around Great River Lodge. Kirby looks at it as a time to get everything on the to-do list done before the weddings hit; Cory (the Mr.Fix it) uses the time to get the grounds in shape and hit all the high notes on Kirby’s list; Melinda (the housekeeper) uses it to turn the lodge upside down, give it a deep clean and rid it of all the “dust” the hunters have brought in; and Mark (the cook) sees it as a time to hibernate.

In December we celebrated two years since the Lodge opened – but we are still making improvements!  And we can’t wait for you to see them all finished 🙂  We have been building a grand entrance – and if you have seen the beginning stages of it, you will agree that it is going to be GRAND!  We will wait to share pictures of it when it is nearing completion.

Wedding Venue

Bunk Room Hall at Great River Lodge

One of the projects Kirby and Cory are in the process of – adding bead board to the hallways (to the Great Room & Bunk Rooms).  These are high traffic areas and after two years we have realized that this will help keep the hallways fresh.  This is what it is looking like mid-way through.  Hopefully next week we can show you the finished project! Our first wedding of the season is only 2 weeks away so they better get to painting 🙂

We all take pride in what Great River Lodge has become and how it has grown.  The wedding season gets busier each year, but we can always make time for you if you want to stop by and see if we might be the perfect wedding venue for you.  Or if you are one of our past brides and just want to come reflect on your perfect day with us and see what new things we have done…but don’t wait too long, it might look like a new lodge before you get here!

Until next time….

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